COOPER Siwash Legend
born September 16, 2002
HD: not yet, EYES: not yet
BISS CH.Moon Song´s Heaven on Earth x Forti Fortuna Canyon de Shelly)

Cooper´s role in our 2007/08 racing season is to be the team´s mascot. It is a very responsible role to cheer the team on from the base and look after the puppies - the next generation stars. Cooper and us would like to give a big THANK to
Conny Blaschun from Austria, for stepping in as Cooper´s patron and sponsor!

Cooper has a very nice personality and gets along with just about every dog and animal and he is Jachym´s spoiled baby.
He is a medium sized malamute (64cm)and is a very sweet, charming boy too! We are anxious to start showing him soon.
He is quite good working dog - he runs in the team of our siberian huskies and keeps up quite well, helping the team with extra pulling power!
Cooper is also well obedient and on walks and hiking trips he can be unleashed, teaching our siberian husky puppies and youngsters to come back on command.

WORKING STATUS: Team dog/Wheel dog in Jachym´s team / Puppy coach


Training Camp - Camp Dannevall, Sweden 2005

BLOODLINE: Nanuke (cca 20%), Taolan (12,5%), Storm Cloud (almost 50%)



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Posted on: Thursday September 18, 2003 CET